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About my work

Hello, I’m Alex, I am a Medicine woman from Ecuador with over 20 years of experience working with indigenous elders and medicine women from Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.
Shamanism lies at the heart of my practice. I work with rituals, ceremonies, and other ancient shamanic practices which I combine with energy work, somatic and family constellation therapies to create unique healing and sacred development experiences.

My work takes many forms, yet the intention is always the same; to hold space for healing the heart, mind, body, and spirit of my clients. I help people rediscover feelings of safety, joy and connection. My work sets them on the path back to their true selves, helping them feel complete and ‘one’ again.

Shamanism is so much more than a healing modality. For me, it is the remembering of source, our intimate relationship with Mother Earth and all beings. It allows us to reconnect with all this as well as our true selves. And in doing so, the veils of separation soften, and we have space to remember our innate relationships - with our family members and ancestors, with the seen and unseen. The way we live now means we are often overriding our innate sensitivity but Shamanism is a return to ancient wisdom, honouring the fact that we are indeed divine, sensorial and highly sensitive beings.

My practice is deeply anchored in the feminine. At the beginning of my own shamanic practice, I followed the warrior's path, a very masculine approach to self-exploration and healing. As a woman though, my body was craving a more gentle approach, and I needed the space to be held for me differently. Working with the 'Mexican grandmothers' has been and continues to be a sacred experience for me. It has taught me that we can go gently and still explore our inner depths. And so I choose to follow in their path.
As part of my work, I weave shamanic rituals into sacred embodiment practices. Rituals, sacred plants, herbalism and rites of passage are like lost languages that have been taken from us. And I believe the human race is suffering as a result. Reconnecting with the ancient wisdom experienced through these practices reminds us of our potency as humans and our place in the order of things.

These rituals allow us to safely access the trauma and memories stored in our bodies, which may be causing emotional distress and physical illness. Through these rituals, a space is created where the body can relearn a feeling of safety; that it is safe for us, for our body, to let go of these old stories, the pain and the fear and move forward with greater ease.

I create and hold sacred ceremonies connected to the body. We may work on the body's consent, for example, or on releasing old shame and grief to establish a new, more respectful relationship with the body. I work with a lot of themes relating to the feminine. These include illness, fertility, trauma, womb healing, cutting relational cords, etc. Very often, the womb is the place where the trauma takes root. Putting this very essence of the feminine at the centre of the ritual experience can create powerful and positive change.

My work with men often revolves around the feminine too. Exploring mother wounds, their connection to their feminine energy and how they relate to women.

Regardless of who they are, making my clients feel safe and protected is one of the most important aspects of my practice. Learning to trust others again comes through gentleness, feeling held and seen by the other. Because I can relate so much to what my clients have been through, they feel very safe with me. We're able to go back into the traumatic parts of their lives together and explore the feelings around them in a way that they perhaps haven't been able to before. With me, they don't have to feel ashamed of their anger, fear or guilt; there is no judgement, all emotions are accepted. And so this container creates a safe place where they can explore all parts of themselves.

The effects of my sessions are profound. My clients experience a sense of release, relief and peace. Greater clarity and self-understanding emerge. These lead to a renewed sense of hope for the future and feeling more connected to their heart and soul; more in their own skin and ‘one’ again.

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