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“Alex is the embodiment of warmth, light, love, grace and strength. Whatever your reason for embarking on a journey with her, know that you will have a safe space to explore. You will be gently held and expertly guided by her profound experience and deep intuition.”

Natasha Mago, Actor, Conservationist, Presenter

‘Working with Alex has been life-changing.  Under her care and guidance, I have been able to do the work to reclaim parts of me I thought were lost forever. Trauma and old wounds are being healed, contracts re-written and light and love are taking their place.  I am uncovering my spirit and purpose and I feel more myself than I have ever. We have worked across many issues, from healing ancestral patterns and trauma to walking a spiritual path whilst living in the corporate world.  It’s not always easy work but it's so worth it.

Alex is a beautiful soul. She is a fountain of wisdom and compassion and has many, many rare gifts.  I always feel so safe with her. Alex and her work have burst open my heart for living, and for this, I am so grateful.

Rebecca H, CEO

“Peaceful and potent - Alex’s practise is life-changing. She will guide you, remind you and restore you to the bigger forces that love and guide us through this life. You will come away with a deep and sacred peace in your heart - a feeling that something lost has returned to you.”

Georgina Ramkoleea, Arts Marketing Freelance

“Alex is an enabler of transformation. She has the gift to help release painful physical and emotional patterns in the body and in the spiritual plane as well... ” 

Maya Fiennes,  Author, Yogi and Musician

“Alex’s gifts as a brilliant healer and intuitive are only matched by her warmth and immense presence. She is a true gift to this world!”

Richie Bostock, The Breath Guy, author and Speaker

“Alex holds a breadth of knowledge and expertise in sacred growth and personal development. She fully embodies the role of teacher, guide, healer and wise woman and with her, you always feel like you are in safe hands.

Alex never ceases to surprise me with her abundant wisdom and experience of the inner workings of the psyche and the vast depth and often turbulent terrain of the universal consciousness. She has a wonderful gift for creating a beautiful, safe and nurturing container for self-discovery and exploration whilst allowing you to feel contained, protected and watched over. I would recommend Alex for the authentic, genuine and brave traveller seeking transformation, healing and purpose”

 Agata Grela, Barclays Bank

“I was introduced to Alex during a challenging time with my health and well-being. I’ve worked with some incredible teachers and healers over the last eight years and the moment I spoke to Alex about a retreat day,  I felt totally listened to and reassured.

Alex has such a natural warmth and compassion in how she approaches her work and the support she generously gives. Her honouring of Mother Nature, our planet really aligned with me.

Alex has guided and facilitated some significant emotional and energetic work over the last six months that has consistently reassured me. This has helped me transform my approach to treatment, removed a huge amount of fear, bought extra resources into play for me, particularly rituals, whilst helping me re-establish a connection and relationship with my body with love and kindness. Every time I grow and learn more about myself, reclaiming the pieces that fear has hidden away and parts that were blocked. I’ve healed lifetimes!

Alex has reignited that inner pilot light in me and I am eternally grateful. This is Alex’s gift… she facilitates spirit and spirit facilitates her.”

Ria Ingleby, Meditation Teacher, Headspace

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