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My story

My journey of self-discovery and healing, which led to this work, began when I left Ecuador more than 20 years ago. I moved to start my career in media and later in business change and transformation, taking me to California, Miami, New York, Barcelona, The Galapagos Islands, Mexico, and London. I discovered a new part of myself in each city, and I was forced to grow in new and unforeseen ways. I loved the challenge of adapting and developing, constantly reinventing myself and developing an unsatiated curiosity for life.

I learned that I was skilled at mentoring and coaching and using my instincts to create transformative change for individuals. I was devoted to the path of the corporate leader. So it was not until my health deteriorated and I discovered that I had aggressive endometriosis that I took a holistic look at my life to get to the root of the problem. I realised I had overlooked a massive part of my life - my inner world and my own health. This illness proved to be an incredible gift for which I am infinitely grateful. It took me to new unexplored worlds of inner healing and raw beauty that I could not have previously imagined. It taught me how to balance my mind, body, heart and soul and live with inner purpose.

My search for my own healing and wholeness put me in front of many incredible teachers. With their guidance, I learnt how to live in harmony with myself and with all. I discovered the power of meditation, yoga, fasting, somatic healing, Shamanism, past life regression, family constellations, and notably the wisdom of plant medicine. This was where the profound healing began and where my purpose was revealed to me. I spent many months in the Amazon rainforest and Mexico undergoing dark nights of the soul, my senses being ripped open by the nature and beauty around me.

These experiences helped me accept my illness as a blessing. It was at these times that I was confronted by my greatest fears and darkness and also my own power and strength. This was one of the most humbling experiences in my life, and it forged the path for all of my future teachings and healings. It taught me the gift of humility and gratitude as well as the beauty of my own fragility and humanness.

I realised that my greatest passions and purpose are supporting, holding space and inspiring individuals in their own journey to wholeness. Which is how I come to find myself walking this path now.

"I stood before a silkworm one day.

And that night my heart said to me,

"I can do things like that, I can spin skies,
I can be woven into love that can bring warmth to people;

I can be soft against a crying face,
I can be wings that lift, and I can travel on my thousand feet throughout the earth, my sacs filled with the sacred.

"And I  replied to my heart, "Dear, can you really do all those things?" And it just nodded "Yes'' in silence.
So we began and will never cease"


© Be One Again / Alex Bedoya 2022